Working Waterfront

Our Working Waterfront ~ 3/15

This month on Our Working Waterfront, Port Commissioner Pam Petranek took us on a stroll through Port Townsend’s busy Boatyard. We encountered Robin & Amanda, a young Swiss couple who stopped here for repairs on their world-wide cruising sailboat. Like many sailors who encounter our community, they’re falling in love with it. Then we visited two 100-year-old wooden boats and talk with the craftsmen who are tending to them: shipwright Brad, working on a 108-year-old commercial fishing boat from Seattle; and shipwrights Erik & Dylan, working on a local commercial fishing boat.

Our Working Waterfront ~ 2/15

On this edition of Our Working Waterfront, Eron Berg, the Port’s Executive Director, gives us a recap of the past month’s activities around the busy Port. Port Commissioner Pam Petranek and Eron discuss the “Strong Towns” community conversation that took place February 4, along with some insightful responses from the public. We discuss our Port’s economic centers, the ongoing planning process in Quilcene, and then finish with highlights from the ship and boat yard. Businesses are seeking new
talent, sails are being recycled – and the Shipwright’s Co-op is celebrating 40 years of a successful journey!

Our Working Waterfront ~ 1/18

This month on Our Working Waterfront, Port Commissioner Pam Petranek, and Port Director Eron Berg join us from the deck of the schooner Cape Cleare.  We talk about the ongoing attention to our Port’s infrastucture, long-term plans in Quilcene, storm damage and repairs, and citizen participation in Port planning and activities.  Pam tops it all off with good news about Carol Hasse’s Sail Loft and its employees, as Carole plans her 2021 retirement!

Our Working Waterfront ~ 12/08

(Airdate: December 8, 2020) In this edition of Our Working Waterfront, Port Director Eron Berg gives us a recap of the month’s activity at the Port. The budget is finished, and the Intergovernment Collaborative Group is underway. The airport runway is finished after resurfacing hit a snag with the contractor.

Both Eron and Port Commissioner Pam Petranek emphasize the importance of the new Facility Engineer and maintenance team in keeping the Port’s infrastructure healthy and functioning. Pam talks about the vibrant synergy that exists among educators, designers and makers, that contributes in such a healthy and sustainable way to our maritime economy’s circle of giving and receiving.

Our Working Waterfront ~ 11/10

This month on Our Working Waterfront, we join Port of Port Townsend Executive Director Eron Berg, and Port Commissioner Pam Petranik give us an update on happenings around our Port.

Eron talks about the ongoing budget 2021 planning process, our International Airport runway project, the Airport’s mission for emergency management, and the delightful Port Townsend Aero Museum and its program for teens.

Pam explains the ways in which the Port weaves itself into the community and the ways of connecting to current activities, ways of conversing with the commissioners, and ways to explore the Port and its history.

We talk about derelict vessels, lift tires, houseboats, developing transportation links to the airport, COVID-19 recovery, and Pam gives some shouts out to local Icons and businesses around the Port.

Our Working Waterfront ~ 10/13

This month on Our Working Waterfront, the Port’s Executive Director, Eron Berg, and Port Commissioner Pam Petranek summarize a flurry of activity around our Port. We get a glimpse into what it means to be in the middle of budget season, and we discuss grant and funding options for the Port, current and planned projects throughout our Port properties, significant airport improvements,  and a very busy boatyard.

We talk about sea life on the current jetty pilings and its disruption during renovation, the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s proposal for an upwelling system in the Point Hudson marina for oyster spat, and the tribe’s idea for a potential retail seafood outlet and restaurant there.

Eron recounts his walkabout with State Representative Steve Tharinger, and Pam highlights two of our local maritime workers, and she also acknowledges recent Leadership Awards and their recipients.

Our Working Waterfront ~ 9/08

Chris Bricker joins Port Commissioner Pam Petranek and Port of Port Townsend’s Executive Director Eron Berg for our monthly update on news and issues surrounding our vibrant Maritime Community.

This month, Pam and Eron discuss businesses in the Port, how their proprietors grew up in the Marine Trades, and how they value the environment and creative community in which they work. 

We talk about the Quilcene Port property, its uniqueness, the Linger Longer Advisory Committee and its long range efforts to plan for the future while keeping the Port property in public hands.  Good planning can provide good jobs for the community and access to the world.  Pam also talks about how a local idea has hatched a creative project in the making, for a proposed video walking tour of the Quilcene Port area.

Eron also gives us an update on Point Hudson and the Jetty, and the updating of the spending plan for the Port, an expedited Comp-Scheme Update,  which can be followed by a substantive update later on. 

Our Working Waterfront ~ 8/11

On the second Tuesday each month, on Morning on the Salish hosted by Chris Bricker, Our Working Waterfront explores news and issues from The Port of Port Townsend with Port Commissioner Pam Petranek and Executive Director Eron Berg.

This month we explore the 2018 Economic Impact Study of the Marine Trades in Jefferson County, public access to our waterfront, maintenance projects, the budget process, a Point Hudson update on the historic preservation of the Jetty, our Quilcene update, and we talk about the Intergovernmental Committee groups – their purpose, process, and time frames.