Under the Rainbow

Les Gran Dammes of the Lesbian Community

This program, a repeat from 2013, features the late Ruth Silver and Irene Weiss. Ruth Silver married her partner Jean Parsons when Ruth was 95 years old. She died July 6, 2015.


39th Annual Wooden Boat Festival


#224 Giant Squid Dissection at Summer Camp

Host Nan Evans interviews Port Townsend Marine Science Center Americorps staff person Allison Kellum, and discusses a squid dissection performed by young people at the Center’s summer camp.


#223 Plants & Drought

Host Debaran Kelso welcomes Jeanmarie Morelli to discuss dealing with drought in a native plant garden. Closing music is “Drought Tolerant Plants,” performed by ZunZun.


Esther Altshul Helfgott

Host Sheila Bender interviews Seattle poet and author of “Listening to Mozart: Poems of Alzheimer’s”


Sarah Pleydell

Host Sheila Bender interviews playwright, performer, and author Sarah Pleydell.


Judy Reeves

Host Sheila Bender interviews Judy Reeves — writer, teacher, writing practice provocateur and author of “Wild Women, Wild Voices.”


#86 Marine Science Center


#85 Songwriters – Judith Kate Friedman


#222 Chimacum Ridge Project

Host Nan Evans interviews new Jefferson Land Trust Executive Director Richard Tucker, and discusses the Chimacum Ridge Project and how it’s being implemented. Closing music is “This Land Is Your Land,” performed by My Morning Jacket.


Gary Kennedy

Gary Kennedy is a 35-year resident of North Beach and a host of many glamorous parties and benefits on behalf of Jefferson County non-profits. His thoughts on being a gay man in the early 1960s and 70s until the present are a depiction of an important slice of LBGTI history.


Nancianna Maitre

(First airdate: August 17, 2015) Nanciana is a former Seattle dance instructor who lives with MS held in the warm embrace of a loving community. She has much to share about navigating challenges and having a full life replete with human connections, joy and the pleasures that come from art, culture and reading. She is working on her 2nd volume of poetry.


#45 Christel Hildebrandt

A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name.  Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Christel Hildebrandt, the owner of the Uptown Pub, a neighborhood favorite for the past 31 years. Like the show Cheers, there’s room for Norm or other local characters to hang out with friends.


#84 Jefferson County Fair


#221 Marbled Murrelet

Host Mary Robson interviews Kevin Schmelzlen of the Murrelet Survival Project about the threatened bird and how various groups are working together to help it survive. Closing music is “Blue Moon Revisited (song for Elvis)”, performed by Cowboy Junkies.


Ben Henzgen

(First airdate: August 10, 2015) Moutain bike cyclist extraordinaire took a record-setting round-Australia ride this past year. He is also a poet, musician and teacher of music theory.


Allison Green – Under the Rainbow

Author of the Ghosts Who Travel with Me, A Literary Pilgrimage Through Brautigan’s America; Professor and Centrum Faculty


Boiler Room 10 Year Anniversary

Max talks with Collin Cabe, Arron Howard, and Cody Carpenter on location at the Boiler Room 10 year anniversary of signing on 711 water street.


#44 Floating in a Dreamy Waterworld

Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Francie Loveall, the owner of “Get Tanked.” Advocates say float tanks are the ultimate stress reducers and can help everything from depression to back pain. The brain pumps out dopamine and endorphins as you float in warm water mixed with 850 pounds of Epsom salt.  It’s an indescribable experience.


Peninsula Housing Authority

Host Jonathan Ward interviews Carolyn Stimbert of Peninsula Housing Authority.  They discuss the housing crisis in Port Townsend and what Peninsula Housing Authority is doing to alleviate it.


The Boiler Room

Sheila Ramsey talks with the Boiler Room as part of Care & Connect.


#43 Why the Drug Court isn’t really “Hug Court”

Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Michael Haas, Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney. This is the third part of a series on Drug Court, a remarkable program that is saving lives and families by helping people out of addiction. This isn’t just a cause for bleeding heart liberals. The dollars and sense reality is that society save big bucks by not incarcerating non-violent people who recover from addiction.


#42 Meth Addiction

(first airdate:  June 16, 2015)  The Harrowing Escape from Meth Addiction.  Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews two former meth addicts who have graduated from Drug Court, an innovative program that addresses addiction head on. Jodi Reuther and Charles Little talk candidly about becoming addicts as young teenagers and living on the street or in jail. They walked away from lives both sordid and desperate and are now courageous role models for many.

      Our Town #42

#83 A Chat with the Recyclery

Sheila Ramsey chats with Recyclery’s Aleena Natty & Nat Nichols.

      Episode #83


#41 Scott Rosecrans

Drug Court:  It’s Not Easy Being Sober.  Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews Scott Rosecrans, the prosecutor who gambled that even “high risk” drug addicts could climb out of it with the right kind of help. Listen to Rosecrans explain how Jefferson County’s Drug Court has saved families – and lives.

      Episode #41

Susan Bono

Host Sheila Bender interviews Susan Bono, Petaluma, CA editor, writing teacher and author.