In Conversation

Bill Mawhinney

Sheila Bender talks to Bill Mawhinney, Port Ludlow poet and director of the Northwind Reading Series in Port Townsend.

      In Conversation - Bill Mawhinney

Beverley West

Host Sheila Bender talks to author Beverley West about her book, “Finding My Way Back to 1950s Paris.”

      In Conversation - Beverley West

Rita Kepner

Host Sheila Bender talks with Marrowstone Island resident Rita Kepner about her book, Through Fire and Water: True Stories of Rita Marie Matthiesen as told to Laura Callender.

      In Conversation - Rita Kepner

Jody Gentian Bower

Host Sheila Bender interviews cultural mythologist Jody Gentian Bower, author of “Jane Eyre’s Sisters: How Women Write and Live the Heroine’s Story”

      In Conversation - Jody Gentian Bower