Care and Connect

Jefferson County Humane Society #3

Tim Quackenbush interview on September 27, 2015..


Jefferson County Humane Society #1

Jonathan Ward talks with Steve Gillard and Phyllis Becker from the Humane Society.  Topics discussed are: How animals are marketed to the community, the adoption process and features of a dog and cat currently up for adoption.


Jefferson County Humane Society #2

Maryanne McNellis interviews Paul Becker, former president of the local Humane Society.
Topic: How the Humane Society was formed, the history and relationship with the Sheriff’s Department and how the society is operated.


Boiler Room 10 Year Anniversary

Max talks with Collin Cabe, Arron Howard, and Cody Carpenter on location at the Boiler Room 10 year anniversary of signing on 711 water street.


The Boiler Room

Sheila Ramsey talks with the Boiler Room as part of Care & Connect.


Habitat for Humanity (#3 of 4)

Host: Tim Quackenbush interviews volunteers at the Quilcene Habitat store about Habitat revitalizing homes there.


Habitat for Humanity (#2 of 4)

Host: Sheila Ramsey interviews Oswald Egan Bommer and volunteers who run the Habitat Store about how the store is run and how it benefits the community.


Habitat for Humanity (#1 of 4)

Host Maryanne McNellis interviews the Executive Director of Habitat in Port Townsend, Jamie Maciejewski, about the responsibilities and opportunities of Habitat for Humanity program for homeowners.