KPTZ Mission Statement

To build and strengthen community throughout the Northeast Olympic Peninsula, actively engaging our listeners through high quality community radio programming that is educational, entertaining, and service oriented.


In 2011 more than 500 people gathered together for the launch of the first community radio station in Port Townsend. The dream of a few supported the heartfelt desire of many in our community.

Our desire at KPTZ is to be the voice of Port Townsend that serves the Northeast Olympic Peninsula.

As we look at where we are now, and look ahead to the dream we hold dear, we know that our future depends upon our ability to connect with our community in many ways. From the small core of founders, our direct volunteer support has grown to more than 60. Our volunteers reflect our diverse region, yet they are united by a common desire to build a great radio station. It is because of the passion of board members, volunteers, engineers, office organizers, show producers, talk show hosts and DJs of all ages, that KPTZ is able to provide high quality programming 7 days a week.

OUR VISION is to develop an independent, sustainable, award winning station housed in a large permanent studio, with several transmitter sites and an emergency off-site facility. We will have an expansive geographic coverage and utilize current technology to support our listener needs. Our station will make accurate and timely announcements in the event of an emergency be an integral and respected partner in the Jefferson County emergency management system. Our programs will engage, enhance and inspire our listeners with diverse music, live arts, community news, remote broadcasts, educational segments and award-winning talk shows. Through our community outreach, our station will be a central listening post, a caring place where our listeners can come together to learn and discover the heart of the community that makes the Northeast Olympic Peninsula such a remarkable place to live.

OUR VALUES SUPPORT OUR VISION and underscore our belief that we can and should serve a much greater good. Our core values serve as guiding principles that seek to promote positive outcomes in our community. We value an environment and services that are: Local-Eclectic-Authentic-Sustainable-Inclusive-Collaborative-Fair and balanced-Professional-Consistent-Relevant and Fun. 


Eclectic Musical Variety reaches a wide audience. The avid and growing listenership to KPTZ is a response to a changing radio environment in which stations play only “popular” music by “established” artists. KPTZ devotes itself to music that interests a range of listeners. With creative passion our DJs spin music that represents the world, from Beethoven to the Beatles, to all corners of the globe.

Interests, issues and concerns are given a listening post. Our desire is to reflect the interests and curiosity of the folks who live, work and play here by giving airtime to artistic, educational and informational programming.

There is no wall between KPTZ and our community. So in our vision we will create a KPTZ Community – it takes a village to create a community radio station and we are truly connected to one another. KPTZ is currently a 95% volunteer run station. Our goal is to grow into a sustainable community radio station with a General Manager, an off-site emergency broadcasting studio, upgraded equipment and technology for a broader reach, an expanded facility and a large sustainable membership base. Fulfilling these goals will enable us to reach our vision.

Donors to KPTZ Radio Port Townsend 91.9 FM are a key part of creating the KPTZ Community. KPTZ is more than bricks and mortar, broadcast generators and online streams. It is a gathering place for artists and hosts, for members and donors, and businesses and volunteers who share a vision.

A gift to KPTZ is really a gift passed through KPTZ into our community. Your gift is an investment in KPTZ Community – in the music, people and the cultural richness of our region. Your gift is an opportunity to invest in:

  • A station that is centrally located in the vibrant community of Port Townsend
  • A group of folks who believe in giving their time and energy for the benefit of our community
  • A platform for sharing issues of concern and importance
  • Excellence in diverse programming that reflects our artistic community
  • A resource for all residents in case of an emergency

We will work together to imagine and prepare for what the future will bring – new technologies, strategic opportunities, programming, and community partnerships, as well as challenges yet to be defined. To meet the hopes and expectations of the thousands of listeners who depend on us, KPTZ is depending on you. We hope you will join us.