County Connections

Photo by Steven Pavlov
  • (Airdate: May 26, 2023) This week on County Connections co-hosts Jim Burke and Commissioner Greg Brotherton spoke with Brent Butler about his new role in the Jefferson County Dept. of Community Development about big and small changes coming to Jefferson County as a result of declared Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) in Port Hadlock and Port Townsend. “Stock Plans” are being uploaded to the County website on June 15 for a 3-week public comment period. Stock plans are ready-to-go plans for commercial buildings and housing to streamline the design and permitting process to save time and money for builders and developers to build out Port Hadlock and Port Townsend over the next few years to increase housing and business development.

  • (Airdate: May 19, 2023) Jim Burke and his co-host this week, Greg Brotherton, welcome their guest, Monte Reinders, P.E. who is the Public Works Director and County Engineer. They discuss roads, roundabouts and other areas that are the responsibility of the Jefferson County Public Works Department.

  • (Airdate: May 12, 2023) Jim Burke and his co-host this week Heidi Eisenhour spoke with Bob Wheeler about the Port Hadlock Sewer Project, the progress so far, and what people can expect to see happening soon, with with groundbreaking this summer.

  • (Airdate: May 5, 2023) This week co-hosts Jim Burke and Commissioner Kate Dean welcome State Representative Steve Tharinger and talk about all the bills that were just passed in the Legislature, and the one important piece of legislation THAT WAS NOT. There will be a special session in May to make sure there are actually state laws in place in terms of drug enforcement before current laws expire on June 30.

  • (Airdate: April 28, 2023) Co-hosts Jim Burke and Commissioner Greg Brotherton welcome the former Director of OlyCAP, Dale Wilson and Current Director, Cherish Cronmiller. They discuss Seventh Haven, which will be welcoming tenants soon, and the 5-year journey it took to get it from idea to realization.

  • (Airdate: April 21, 2023) Jim Burke is joined by his co-host County Commissioner Heidi Eisenhour and guest Stacie Prada, Treasurer of Jefferson County to talk about property taxes. How, when and where to pay them is the start, then they discuss where the money goes and even tax abatement and deferral programss

  • Photo by Steven Pavlov

    (Airdate: April 14, 2023) This week on County Connections, Jim Burke and co-host County Commissioner Kate Dean talk with Linda Noble, who is a neighbor to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, a volunteer, and stakeholder member of the newly formed board of the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Association.
    The hope going forward is an organization that looks after the fairgrounds property and not just the County Fair.