Sara Penhallegon and Her Baby Bison

(Airdate: March 21, 2023) Maryanne interviews Sara Penhallegon, the brains and heart behind Center Valley Animal Rescue. Literally thousands of animals – both wild and domestic – have been rescued by Sara and her team. When that confused coyote somehow wandered into the hospital, it was Sara who rushed in to tranquilize and ultimately stitch her up. There’s also that bison who was born to a starving mom. The newborn bison was hand-fed largely by Sara. Not surprisingly, he now thinks Sara is his ‘mom’. That means when he gets lonely, he sometimes breaks out of his quarters and heads for mom’s living room where he was nurtured back to health. He now weighs upwards of 700 pounds and is still a growing boy! Sara’s stories are amazing. But she needs donations to her non-profit to continue her mission.