KPTZ DJ Hosts Plans for 2023

Here are some of the resolutions our KPTZ volunteer community made this year, shared by DJ Goodwoman on her morning show Musical Fruit:

DJ Mars, Interstellar Underwear
My New Year’s Resolution is that I will not defend myself when indicating what I want and what I need.

Delana, Music to My Ears
“To continue working as long and hard on my show “Music To My Ears,” as I have been for the past 11+ years.”

Donn Trethewey, Music From That Cardboard Box, has two resolutions:
The first: Integrity: I will maintain a higher level of integrity and respect, with and for others, and most importantly, myself.
And on a more accessible (or down to Earth) level: I resolve to cut down on my chewing of plug tobacco and, consequently, dirtying various carpets and floors of friends and acquaintances, particularly at the radio station.

Tim Quackenbush of Discovery Road sent one in: 
I want to pick a random date during 2023. Commit myself to traveling to any live performance by my favorite musician playing that day..anywhere in the world.
Even if it is in Amsterdam or Rio de Janeiro… Or Gorst.
I want to do this before I get a dog.

From Nan Evans and the Nature Now crew: 
May 2023 bring to all of us:

  • Thought-provoking conversations about the natural world in which we live. 
  • Increased awareness of the connections between all living creatures and habitats. 
  • Growing curiosity about the natural world. 
  • Inspirations to get outdoors and to really observe what we find. 
  • Kindness and humility about ourselves and our impact on our world- for good and for the not so good. And
  • Shared joy and laughter.

RAY Serebrin of Midlife-Crisis Dance Party resolves to:
stop pushing heavy boulders up steep hills.

DJ Goodwoman, Musical Fruit
I want to be a better listener; love more fiercely and more gently; get a draft of my novel finished by the end of 2023; be myself.

Cris Wilson, Host of Booklovers’ Cafe
My resolution is to add in more joy through Movement, Meditation and Music. In my life that means renewing yoga and tai chi practice, writing in my gratitude journal, singing, and playing guitar in the company of good people!  Easy to do in the blessed environs of Port Townsend.

Nora Petrich, KPTZ’s Emergency Team Lead 
I resolve to stop swearing when I am losing at pickleball.
I resolve to not pick up the phone if I have had ‘one too many’.  
I resolve to assist in our move to 305.

Buzzy Donahue of The Buzzy Donahue Show
Hi, this is Buzzy Donahue and my resolution for 2023 is to laugh more, dance more and Rock & Roll. I wish everyone a healthy New Year. Radio On.

Christine Walsh Rogers – KPTZ Lead Tabling Volunteer
Happy new year.  I don’t make resolutions, I strive for revolution. I’m ready to give this world another spin, focused on my mind, body and spirit. 
I plan to travel more, even if just locally.  Already have 4 trips planned!
I plan to immerse myself in the Port Townsend arts through my volunteer work with KPTZ and the Port Townsend Film Festival. Most specifically, I plan to be on air this year!
I plan to regain some good habits and lose some unwanted weight after recovery from my ankle injury, focused on general health and well-being. 
Here’s to the many meanings of revolution!  May we all revolve and maybe evolve in 2023. Slainte!

Karen Anderson, The Truck Driver’s Daughter, host of Roots and Twang
I will continue to bring the twang, and challenge the stereotypes of Country Music, every week on Roots & Twang.

BriceMan of Boxed Chocolates
My Resolution for the new year for our Dj’s is to feature more female musicians on their show. I make it a habit to play at least 6 songs from the ladies out there in the music world. So many to choose from.

Jim Burke of The Jim B. Show
Eating and drinking things that are only nourishing  for my body and spirit.
Walking. More.
Wearing more clothes!
(I’m not a nudist but my wardrobe is limited by practicality and convenience. Two pairs of pants, the same t-shirts, blah blah blah…
I have closet full of nice clothes that I’m going to WEAR THIS YEAR