#210 Mitch, the Trapper

(Airdate: October 18, 2022) Maryanne interviews Mitch Draper, aka “Mitch the Trapper.”  Otters devastating your boat? Raccoons nesting under your deck, trying to make lunchmeat of your cat? There is now a licensed Wildlife Control Officer for Jefferson & Callam Counties. Contrary to popular belief it is ILLEGAL to capture a wild animal and drive it miles away. State research has determined that about 90% of such relocated animals starve a slow, painful death. Mitch is licensed and tries every humane method possible to get rid of the animals — loud music, strong smelling peppers, etc. Sometimes there is a “final solution.” but even that is tightly regulated by the state. Mitch is a local guy, grew up in Brinnon, and has hunted since he was a kid. Now his hunting has become professional. He can be contacted at