#209 Carol Hasse, PT Port Commissioner

(Airdate: October 4, 2022) Maryanne McNellis interviews Carol Hasse, PT Port Commissioner. Carol sailed into Point Hudson in the early 1970s with her commune on the boat they built. She was immediately smitten with the town and rather quickly moved here. She had grown up in a small town on the Columbia River. One year of college was enough to convince her that activism on global issues was her path. By the time she hit PT, she had traveled extensively – hitchhiking through 23 countries. Sailing was her passion, so she worked as crew on global adventures. Once here, Carol soon opened Hasse & Co, a sail loft in Point Hudson. She was one of the early forces behind the creation of both the Wooden Boat Festival and the Maritime Center. Over the years she has served on the board of both organizations. She sold her business to the Shipwright’s Coop in 2021. She’s now channeling her incredible energy into her position as Commissioner for the Port of PT. She wants to preserve our working waterfront and is determined to make it happen.