Update on KPTZ’s Approaching Move

On-air Studio 1 seen through acoustic window from Performance Studio.

Late July, 2022

Dear KPTZ Family, Donors and Listeners,

Here we are in the middle of a cool 2022 summer, and KPTZ is not yet broadcasting from its new studios at Fort Worden. Some of you have asked, “Why not?” and many of you have surely wondered why not. Having been immersed in the entire project from conceptual through construction, I asked myself the same question. The answer is complex, so please bear with me.

The first and most important reason we are delayed is because both the financial collapse of PDA and the onslaught of COVID-19 had severe impacts on the reconstruction of Building 305, including our studios. Though after two years of tough negotiations with PDA we had signed a favorable 19 year lease, we were not cleared to begin our work until a certificate of occupancy was issued in October 2021. That’s under a year ago, and when we could get into our new space, we did. Every week since then there has been progress.

Performance Studio being used as an ad-hoc meeting place.

COVID-19 is having an impact on our move in other ways, such as supply chain issues that delay equipment deliveries and personnel shortages that extend scheduling of services. Things beyond our control. Our work consists of fitting out our greatly expanded space and installing a vast audio network system to enable our ambitious radio goals. But KPTZ is a volunteer organization, with many of our key operations performed by volunteers. That structure, which produces the wealth of entertaining and informative programming we provide to our community, is also what powers our move to Fort Worden. 

Automation and Programming Workstations.

Yet developing our new home has stretched our volunteer base. Additionally, our much-valued chief engineer Bill Putney, architect of our new audio network, moved to be closer to family late last year. His absence is felt acutely and contributes to our delay, but it seems that whenever KPTZ is in need of somebody to do something, someone steps through the door or simply steps up. That’s what happened with our engineering team, and now we are steadily progressing towards our move-in goal. It’s visible on the horizon, and the transition has begun.


Robert Ambrose
KPTZ Board of Directors
Host, Rhythm Connection, Tues 1-3

KPTZ appreciates financial support during this transitional phase, to help cover incidental and ongoing overhead. Either use this button, or mail a check to KPTZ, PO Box 2091, Port Townend, WA 98368. Thanks for your contribution!