Our Working Waterfront ~ 6/10

In this episode of Our Working Waterfront, KPTZ’s Chris Bricker, Port of Port Townsend’s Director Eron Berg, and Port Commissioner Pam Petranek explore the Boat Yard and visit with tuna fisherman Paul Svornich and his wife, Lorraine, beneath the stern of their 38 foot sloop named Ocean. As usual, Eron gives us a brief update on the happenings around the Port, and then Project Director and Engineer, Matt Klontz, chimes in with the latest news and projections for the long-awaited north and south Jetty Projects. Paul Svornich tells of his family’s rich Croatian heritage, how he’ll always call Bainbridge Island’s Eagle Harbor his home, how he and Diana Talley built his sloop, and of his adventures with wife Lorraine. Though his daughter, Kashmira has also fished with him in the past, Paul will captain his ship solo these days. Lorraine no longer fishes, and now minds the home front.  Paul minds his sails, pampers his small biodiesel-fed engine, and fillets, packages, and freezes his catch onboard. Then brings all of it home to sell to the niche market he’s created for himself over time. In Paul’s own words, he loves dancing with the Sea.