November 1-15 Programming Highlights

For a compendium of upcoming featured programs, check out Spotlight for November 1-15. Many of our program hosts provide specifics about what’s planned for the first half of November. If you’re not already a Spotlight subscriber, you’re invited to join our Mailing List. See KPTZ’s current Weekly On-Air Schedule and Daily Program Schedule.

During the Fall Fund Drive, we invite you to please Donate Now using the button above, to support fine KPTZ programs such as these two (inadvertently left off of the Nov. 1-15 Spotlight):

MORNING ON THE SALISH with host Chris Bricker
Tuesdays 9:30-11am

Be sure to tune in on Nov. 2, because Mermaid Keri swims in at 10am with her Tuesday Tide Report, to play some of her favorite music here and there, and to personally collect drive-through donations to KPTZ through our legendary Weather Window! So take a break, grab your favorite coffee or tea, and join us from the galley, in the garden, or turn up that ol’ radio out there at the worksite. Welcome to Morning on the Salish!

OUR WORKING WATERFRONT with co-hosts Chris Bricker, Eron Berg, and Pam Petranek
Fridays 12-12:20pm

Nov. 5 – Dave Thompson, iconic boatyard shipwright and mentor to young apprentice shipwrights is featured.Nov, 12 – Port Director Eron Berg updates us on all things Port for the past month, and Chris Bricker and Commissioner Pam Patranek wander the boatyard in search of artisans and their stories.