Our Working Waterfront ~ 11/10

This month on Our Working Waterfront, we join Port of Port Townsend Executive Director Eron Berg, and Port Commissioner Pam Petranik give us an update on happenings around our Port.

Eron talks about the ongoing budget 2021 planning process, our International Airport runway project, the Airport’s mission for emergency management, and the delightful Port Townsend Aero Museum and its program for teens.

Pam explains the ways in which the Port weaves itself into the community and the ways of connecting to current activities, ways of conversing with the commissioners, and ways to explore the Port and its history.

We talk about derelict vessels, lift tires, houseboats, developing transportation links to the airport, COVID-19 recovery, and Pam gives some shouts out to local Icons and businesses around the Port.