KPTZ Presents Live From Rainshadow

Pictured: Jim Nyby

A collaborative effort with Rainshadow Recording! KPTZ broadcasts a live concert every Friday from 3-4pm, direct from Rainshadow Recording at Fort Worden State Park. With help from a talented pool of musicians, our rotating DJ hosts, and sound engineer Everett Moran. 

11/20: First The Winter

Jimmy Stewart and Aili Emilia began writing and playing music together in Minneapolis MN in 2015. Heavily influenced by singer-songwriters like Damien Rice and Glen Hansard, much of their music presents a raw, somewhat dark view of love and relationships.

Jimmy Stewart is a classically trained pianist who taught himself to play the guitar to try to win a certain ballerina’s heart (and subsequently wrote a lot of depressing songs when that plan failed). Aili Emilia is that certain ballerina, as well as a talented vocalist and violinist.

But there’s a happy ending. At a recent and very special performance in their hometown of Minneapolis, Jimmy ended the show with the surprise of a lifetime – and Aili said “yes”! They are now happily engaged and living in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.

11/27: The Shaky Barbers 

Just like being at a Hawaiian vampires wedding in Kentucky! A post-holiday special with Douglas Francisco’s Shaky Barbers. Wicked lap-steel and red-hot arrangements. 

12/04 Michael Townsend

After leaving his home in Indiana as a teenager, Michael Townsend traveled west and studied music for ten years in the dance halls of Montana. In Seattle he studied with African players, particularly the Shona and Yoruba.
In the City of Dreams, Michael has performed with his wife Vickie for twenty-five years, with Bertram Levy’s tango ensembles, played in the pit band for Key City Players (besides staging his own shows in that theater), and gigged with Three Chords and the Truth. Lately his interests include Native American songs, free jazz, and transcribing music of other instruments for the guitar.

12/11: Joe Bridge

Joe Bridge first came to light handing out cassette tapes in the Sequim High School parking lot in 1991, distributing music from self-produced underground artists recording in barns, bedrooms, and basements. The seminal “Super Community Rock” (1995) gained instant cult-classic status inspiring a generation of songwriters. He studied music composition and sustainable human ecology while at Fairhaven College and in 1999 began hitchhiking the continent with mandolin, tarp, and songbook, releasing “25 Elizabeth Street” (2002) in Northampton, Massachusetts. Returning to Sequim, he recorded and toured with Cetecea (2003), Super Friends (2008), and This Is Our First Time (2016), before releasing his 2020 album “We Are Rising”.

12/18: Savsatt  

Founded in the city of Seattle by Steve Moore and Eric Harris, Savsatt is an atmospheric metal band that creates music to take the listener on an inner journey of catharsis and rebirth. With influences ranging from classical music to more conventional black metal bands, Savsatt is creating a unique brand of instrumental heavy music that many listeners from all over the Pacific Northwest have come to enjoy. Since its formation, the band has increased in size to include additional guitarists, a violinist, and more creative voices that have pushed their sound to greater heights. Finding inspiration in the difficult times we live in, Savsatt is forging new music from the ashes of a pandemic and sociopolitical instability that can offer listeners comfort within a dissonant embrace.  

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