County Public Health Report ~ 6/29

During the weekly Public Health Briefing from Jefferson County Public Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke, we learned that Jefferson County last week added 6 COVID-19 cases. The count is now 38. Four of the recent added cases were asymptomatic and were discovered through test screening prior to medical or dental procedures. Also discussed: masking use, enforcement, and the efficacy of face shields. The four key facets for mitigating disease spread continue to include masking, physical distancing, hand washing and sanitizing, and not touching faces.

In addition, Willie Bence, Director of the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management, delivered a briefing on potential arrival of masks with clear plastic over the mouth, for ease of communication with deaf people. He also spoke about face shields, and the availability of PPE. 

To submit your questions to Dr. Locke in the following week’s Board of County Commissioners meeting, send them to

Part 1: Dr. Locke – Public Health and Willie Bence – DEM Briefings
Part 2: BOCC Discusses Considerations of Moving to WA Safe Start Phase 3, prior to vote.

Shortly following the nearly complete meeting broadcast on KPTZ, the County Commissioners voted to submit an application for Safe Start Phase 3 reopening to the WA State Department of Health. The almost two-hour special meeting held today focused on the concerns about gatherings of up to 50 people indoors and out, and the concern of outbreaks around the region. It was agreed that once approval is received from the state, the Board of Health may revisit the elements of Phase 3 — or any phase — and put a hold any activity that they deem concerning.

KPTZ broadcasted via 91.9FM and streamed at this timely COVID-19 information, which was also videostreamed live and recorded for online viewing any time thereafter at the Jefferson County website.