Tossed Salad for 5/01/2020

Now is the Month of Maying, and Phil Andrus brings us a Tossed Salad of great variety:
1:00 – Through Science to Health: Kathleen Keenan
1:20 – Jonathan Doyle and Jake Sanders, from the archives
2:00 – Lee Greeley and Myer’s Chuck from Alaska
2:20 – Rob Story, Chimacum Corner Farmstand, on grocery shopping in a pandemic
2:30 – Katelyn Bosley, WDFW Crustacean Program Manager
3:00 – Choro folks from Centrum
4:00 – Al Bergstein and Ross Anderson, Rainshadow Journal
4:25 – Catherine McNabb reading from “Talking Leaves”, an anthology of Native American stories