Tossed Salad for 4/03/2020

We give thanks today for Alexander Graham Bell who was born one month ago on March 3 in 1847. Because of his invention, Phil Andrus is able to communicate with all of his Tossed Salad guests today. Sit back and enjoy!
1:00 – Through Science to Health, with Kate Keenan, retired San Diego Public Health Communicable Disease Investigator
1:30 – Phil plays something from the archives
2:00Amanda Milholland, Port Townsend Farmers Market
2:15Bob Rosen, Quilcene reports from near and far;
2:30Jean Ball, distilling our own hand sanitizer
2:45Shelly Leavens, Director of the Jefferson County Historical Society
3:00 – Phil plays the DJ
3:15Pam Petranek, Port Commissioner, Port of Port Townsend update
3:30Judith-Kate Friedman, Songs from the Sound
4:30Heather Dudley Nollette with the Dudley/Nollette family report and a short reading