Tossed Salad for 10/18/2019

Halloween is getting closer, the days are getting shorter, but Tossed Salad just keeps on getting better and better. Host Chris Bricker brings us a superb salad of:
1:00Johnsmith, Northwind Concert Series Artist
1:30Jeanie Murphy “Banjo Tunes, Tuning, and Lore” 
2:10Kate Dwyer & PTeRider—Taxi Stories
2:30Libby Palmer, Jefferson County Immigrant Rights Advocates
3:00Zach Parker, Songsmith
3:30 – Sea Stories: Crossing the Northwest Passage, by Olivier Huin
4:00 – Sea Stories: The Live-Aboard Life, by Peter Bailey & Heidi Snyder    
4:30Catherine McNabb, Poets & Letters