New KPTZ DJ Brings “The Subversive Rhythm”

KPTZ is very pleased to announce the debut of The Subversive Rhythm with DJ David Bonobo. David is an educator, DJ, scholar & activist. He’ll be exploring global music through the lens of ethnomusicology from a street-level viewpoint. The genres covered include everything with an African root – from anthropological field recordings in Africa and Latin America, to Afro-European fusions such as Cumbia, Samba, Reggae, Dub, Jazz, Blues, Funk & more. Sundays from 7-9pm starting October 6

From David: “The ancients used it as a means to commune with the gods. In the colonial era, it held communities together in resistance against the dark forces of racism and empire, and it continued that role through the Civil Rights era. Today, it serves as a tool to tear down the illusory borders that divide us as it incites passion, revelation, and joy. From the tribal fire circles to the clubs: This is it! The Subversive Rhythm.”

Los antiguos lo usaron como un medio para comunicarse con los dioses. En la era colonial, mantuvo unidas a las comunidades en resistencia contra las fuerzas oscuras del racismo y el imperio, y mantuvo ese propósito durante la era de los Derechos Civiles. Hoy, continúa como una herramienta que derriba las fronteras ilusorias que nos dividen a medida que incita la pasión, la revelación y la alegría. De los círculos de fuego del tribo a los clubes: ¡Esto es! – El Ritmo Subversivo.