Tossed Salad for 9/06/2019

Boats everywhere you look! It’s Port Townsend’s annual Wooden Boat Festival! Join Phil Andrus as he broadcasts Tossed Salad from the midst of all these boats. Featured will be:
12:00Carla Main, vocals, with Paul Rogers on keyboard, Dirk Anderson on bass, and Kurt Festinger on sax and clarinet
12:45Carol Hasse, Port Townsend Sails
1:00Micaela Kingslight, guitar and vocals
1:45Douglas Brooks, Japanese boat builder
2:00Tania Opland and Mike Freeman, music of the British Isles
2:45Teresa and Ben Eriksen Carey, Morse Alpha Expeditions
3:00Jack Dwyer and friend(s)
3:45Lynx Guimond, SailCargo
4:00 – Combo Choro
4:45Barb Trailer, Director of the Wooden Boat Festival