KPTZ’s Free Friday Festival
Pops Up March 29

Coming up this Friday, our popup spring event starts at high noon with a full Tossed Salad bowl and more! Host Phil Andrus will DJ from noon to 5pm, during our our afternoon Open House.
So drop by and see us because…
Among the on-air special offerings during Tossed Salad are 3 drawings, from among Friday donors:
o Two drawings for a Pair of Full Passes to the upcoming PT Film Festival’s Women and Film Festival!
o An afternoon of Summer Sailing with Phil Andrus and Emmy Lou on their boat Siah!
Meanwhile, listen to:
12:00Steve Bonnell, singing bowls
12:30Mary Hilts, Centrum Blues and Red Hot Strings
1:00Gary Kanter, singing the news
1:45Peter McCracken, Fiddle Tunes maestro
2:00Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
2:30Noah Frisch, Didgeridoo
3:00Jim Pivarnik, Executive Director of the Port of Port Townsend
3:30Judith-Kate Friedman, “Songs From the Sound”
4:30Heather Dudley Nollette, reading
5-7pmFreeSpin ~ host Ron McElroy with co-host Pete Raab. This show’s theme is Ballads, songs that tell stories.

For the rest of the day, you can look forward to:
7-8pmReSpin ~ Introducing Ron McElroy’s inaugural weekly reprise from previous FreeSpin shows.
8-10pmFriday Night Blues ~ Barney Burke‘s theme is “Music picked and played by osmosis”