KPTZ’s Live Stream Was Down

Early morning on solstice day Friday, we experienced a computer crash of the machine that encodes KPTZ’s programming for live streaming online.  KPTZ’s engineering crew has summoned a master of Rivendell, and they’ve been working around the clock (well, almost) to find and configure another computer. As of Sunday morning, this service repair is still in progress.

If the forces of nature cooperate, KPTZ’s stream may hopefully be restored in time for our audience to listen online in time for Christmas, when we have some extra special holiday programs in store. Yet another reason KPTZ greatly appreciates your year-end donations to the Good Ship 91.9 FM!

We regret any inconvenience caused by not being able to hear shows like Tossed Salad and Dance Party in Your Living Room for the past couple of days, and appreciate your patience.

11:30am Sunday Update: The live stream is back up! Thanks to our expert engineering team, we are back on the audible internet. Enjoy!