Tossed Salad for 10/19/2018

Phil Andrus gets us started early this Friday with Can’t Wait for Salad at 12:40pm, featuring Grace Love telling about the Sadie Hawkins Prom. Thereafter, Tossed Salad proper (if it can ever be called proper) brings us:

1:00Chuck Easton and George Radebaugh
2:00 – Port of PT Exec Director Jim Pivarnik, Liz Hoenig, and Charley Kanieski, with Scott Wilson
3:00Tom Jay, “A Word and a Poem”
3:15Sam Weber, folksy trio
4:00Cristina Manzoni and Onnolee Stevens, Jefferson Healthcare Hospice
4:30Don White, reading “A Fable Ending in the Sound of a Thousand Parakeets”, by Kevin Brockmeier