Tossed Salad for 3/30/18

KPTZ’s Tossed Salad show is serving up a special lunchtime mix for this upcoming Friday (did you see the mic added to the mix this week?).
Starting a half hour early at 12:30pm, host Phil Andrus interviews Grace Love about the Jubilee, a new music and arts festival coming to Port Townsend that aims to fight the issue of gender diversity in the music industry.
The total Friday lineup:
12:30 – Grace Love, performer in song and in the kitchen
 1:00   The REDS band, quartet of string band youngsters from Olympia
 2:00 – Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
 2:30  The Lovetree Family Revue: Heather, Leaf, and five-year-old Ambrose
 3:15 – Kenna Eaton, General Manager, Port Townsend Food Coop
 3:30 – Janette Force, Women’s Film Festival, with Jennifer Townsend, director of “Catching Sight of Thelma and Louise”
 4:00 – Hiroya Tsukamoto, solo guitarist from Portland
 4:30 – Deborah Kate Hammond, reading from the newest edition, #75, of the poetry journal, Minotaur