More 2017 Fall Pledge Drive Info

Letter from Robert Ambrose, KPTZ Interim General Manager

Autumn has arrived, and like other seasonal certainties like leaf fall, pumpkins and losing an hour, it’s time for your local community radio station to ask for your financial support.

But first let us thank you for the valuable support
you already have given KPTZ — and for listening!

Next week we are having our Fall Pledge drive, and we are excited because it’s also a celebration. We celebrate the fact that over 70 KPTZ volunteers produce 64 hours of original local programming for our community every week. That is extraordinary for any community or public radio station. While adding several new music programs recently, we also added several national public affairs programs to help keep our community informed during this particularly challenging time in the country and world.

We are working to build a daily local news program.

KPTZ is endeavoring to make your community radio station more valuable than ever, and we have exciting plans for the coming year. Our success will depend on your participation and support, for KPTZ is community radio and is funded entirely by listener contributions. We need to raise $30,000 during this drive.

Your support is crucial.

Please consider a generous donation during next week’s pledge drive. Or better yet follow through right now by clicking here. If you choose to become a Sustaining Member, you will provide KPTZ with reliable, ongoing funding. Perhaps if we all would make our contributions sustaining, we could do away with pledge drives altogether! As a listener, that would be fine with me.

Thank you.

Robert Ambrose, KPTZ Interim General Manager
President, KPTZ Board of Directors