Free Spin Moves to Saturday

If you’re looking for KPTZ’s funky, bluesy, rockin’ Free Spin Program, take a rocket ride into Saturday as DJ Ron McElroy and his Free Spin program move to a new time: Saturday afternoons from 4 to 6pm.  Climb into the groove when Ron will be in the house, offering up a smooth mix of musical styles to spin you up to Saturday night.

NOTE: KPTZ hosts and programs are playing musical chairs over the next few weeks, so stay tuned to find out who lands where and when. Updates will also be available here, so watch this space.

Another Friday time change (TGIF): As of September 8, Phil Andrus and Tossed Salad are moving your savory radio-listening diet an hour later, to broadcast each and every Friday afternoon from 1 to 5pm.