Old Time Radio / Bill Putney and Friends

Old Time Radio / Bill Putney and Friends

Bill Putney, Donn Trethewey and Toni Vincent together bring you Old Time Radio on Sundays from 5-7pm, the best of radios’s Golden Age.

Bill grew up in “The Valley” of Los Angeles and started listening while he fixed discarded vacuum tube radios – listening late into the night with the glow of the radio on his headboard. Old radio serials were still being aired in the midwest and Bill listened to distant stations. Through high school and college he lent his technical talents to commercial and school radio stations before entering the military. While radio took a backseat over the years, working with Wendell Ankeny (who retired in October 2017 after 6+ years on this show) brought back his passion for the medium.

Donn Tretheway’s photo and bio are listed under his other show on KPTZ, Music from that Cardboard Box.

Do you ever miss the old radio programs you grew up with? Maybe you lived somewhere where television was just a rumor. Radio filled the gap.  From the very beginning, radio brought adventure, drama, suspense and humor to homes across America. In the 1930s, 40s and 50s these programs had dedicated followers all across the country.

KPTZ brings these shows to life again every Sunday evening with the best recordings we can find along with interesting commentary about the programs and the personalities who made radio great. One of the earliest continuing programs on KPTZ, it continues to be a favorite.

Tune in and enjoy two hours of vintage radio.

You can contact the Old Time Radio Team at contactus@kptz.org.