Changes and Thanks

KPTZ is approaching 3 years on the air. Two key radio hosts who have helped us set our course, and tone, and have helped us connect with you, our community, are hanging up their DJ hats for the time being. We never say never here at KPTZ!

105-150x225Ruby Fitch of Beach Rubble (Thursdays 10-noon) folded up her Beach tent and did her last show in January. Ruby’s unique blend of musical discoveries – from current artists, to American roots, through Henry Mancini, polka, yodeling, and skating rink music (not to forget accordions) – has made Thursdays one of our most popular days of the week. Ruby was also in on the formation of the station, and helped assemble our original crew of hosts. She was there from Day 1. We can’t thank her enough. As listeners hear of her departure, they are sharing their appreciation and love. Happy Trails , Ruby. You are always part of KPTZ. A new Thursday line-up is coming. Check the KPTZ Schedules page soon for updates.

John H-studio-225x169John Hulburd of John H, Yoga for the Ears (Wed. 8-10am) has been with us almost from the beginning of KPTZ. He brought experience from community radio in No. Calif, an infectious sense of humor and fun, and a wide knowledge of international singer-songwriters. He took us rom Australia, to Ireland, and deep into the US — with repeated visits to Tom Waits and Greg Brown, and the many women’s voices he loves. John has also been an important part of our Emergency Preparedness team. Listeners don’t get to see him dancing in the studio by the end of his second hour. John will be on-air with us thru March 5th. And then he’ll be off to warmer waters, until June. Happy Sails ’til then .. with our thanks and love.